A Nurse Cries

She cries, Salted pain hangs from her lashes, And falls upon her light blue smock, To mix with the sweat of long days. A Nurse Cries

Free Clinic Serves Health Care Needs of Poor and Uninsured

By: Chelsea Gow At the Clearwater Free Clinic (CFC), a 58-year-old cook, William Jordan, sought care for what appeared to be a large blister on the bottom of his foot. Lacking health insurance, William put off seeing a doctor for months as his wound increased in size and severity. “I was terrified of what myContinue reading “Free Clinic Serves Health Care Needs of Poor and Uninsured”

Depression and Anxiety: A New Perspective

This post shares a story of a woman that has struggled with mental illness for the majority of her life. This story is also of a woman who has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today, through asking for help. She has struggled, but also persevered. If you would like for meContinue reading “Depression and Anxiety: A New Perspective”

Jesus Understands Sorrow

Sorrow is a word we do not hear used much. It runs much deeper than simply feeling sad. Sorrow is defined as- “a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or other” -online dictionary. During this time of global pandemic, there is a lot of sorrow being experienced.Continue reading “Jesus Understands Sorrow”

God Comforts the Broken Hearted

Five years ago, the Lord took my sister, Marsha,  home to heaven a few months after she retired from a full-time nursing career of over four decades. She led me to Christ when I was in high school (See Life Changing Letter) and became my first Bible teacher. Since our birthdays were one day apart, weContinue reading “God Comforts the Broken Hearted”